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What is Broadband? 

The term Broadband commonly refers to high-speed data transmission, via such means as  cable, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line),  ADSL (along phone lines), 3G and satellite .  Today the term is said to describe almost any always on, high speed connection to the internet.  Broadband is a relative term as it can only be understood in context - i.e. in comparison to narrowband (‘dial up’).

 Broadband technologies offer faster connections to the Internet than traditional dial-up connections. Broadband is the UK’s most popular form of internet connection and is used by millions of people across the country and globally. It refers to a signaling method which includes a wide range of frequencies which may be divided into channels.

How Much does Broadband cost?

Broadband is available on a wide range of tariffs.  Firstly you need to select whether you are looking for business broadband tariffs or domestic broadband i.e. broadband for the home.  Once you know this then you can research the many pricing tariffs for broadband based on the right broadband usage and broadband width available to you depending on where you live.

Skinttariffs can help you find a cheap broadband deal that is right for you whether you want home broadband, mobile broadband or business broadband you can compare the tariffs or even combine your broadband package with your TV licence.

How do I set up Broadband?

Once you have chosen your broadband provider and have subscribed you will be sent the relevant modem and broadband installations instructions and where necessary the broadband installation software.  Some of the cable broadband packages offer an engineer to come out and install and set up the broadband for you so check out what is included in the broadband deal with each of the cable broadband providers.

What is broadband bandwidth?

A connection bandwidth refers to the width of the line or the amount of data that can fit through it. For example, a motorway carries a higher volume of traffic than a single carriageway.

The bandwidth in expressed in bits per second (bps). This indicates the number of bits of information that can fit down the line in a second. However, due to advances in technology single bits per second doesn’t cover many methods of connection so we use kilobits per second (kbps) and megabits per second (mbps) for thousands and millions of bits per second.

As broadband is a ‘broad bandwidth’ connection allowing a large amount of data to travel through it at the same time, hence a telephone call can be facilitated on the same line as an internet download.

Narrowband = Up to two channel ISDN at 128kbps in both directions.

Midband = Up to 512kbps download and 256kbps upload.

Broadband = Above 512kbps upload and 256kbps download.

High speed internet connection broadband is now available through the mobile phone networks.  Mobile broadband is the latest breakthrough in the world of broadband.  No more reliant on landlines the mobile network means you can have broadband internet on the go.  Check out to see what the latest cheap mobile broadband deals are with


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