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Apple to Launch iPhone 3GS the faster, more powerful iPhone with improved performance.

Apple to Launch iPhone 3GS the faster, more powerful iPhone with improved performance.


Skinttariffs – the best portal to buy the new iPhone 3GS

Apple have announced the launch of the next iPhone and Skinttariffs are here with a review of what’s new to the iPhone 3GS how this is as improved from the iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G. 

Also to help those who are weighing up the difference between the iPhone Vs Blackberry we also touch on some comparable features between the iPhone 3GS and some of the latest Blackberry models such as the Blackberry 8900 Curve, Blackberry Bold and the Blackberry Storm.

iPhone 3GS – faster, more powerful and improved performance.

As well as some underlying improvements for improved performance such as the improved searching capabilities (via the Spotlight search app), download speeds and extended battery life there are some more fundamental additions to the iPhone 3GS that weren’t on previous models (iPhone 2G or iPhone 1G).  These additions include:

o    You can record videos with the iPhone 3GS

o    Video editing capabilities including selecting frames, removing frames

o    Share videos; send and receive email video, MMS

o    Voice dialling; either by name or voice command e.g. ‘dial 01203 123123’

o    Voice activation of your itunes, you can instruct the iPhone 3G to play tracks from your iTunes even instruct it to ‘play more songs like these’ and the iPhone will play more songs by the same artist etc. You can command it to pause and play tracks so your iTunes can be operated totally hands free, excellent if you have your iPhone docked into your car no doubt the future for hands free audio for the car.

Other Improvements on the iPhone 3GS from the iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G

o    Improved 3 mega pixel camera (only 2 mega pixels on the 3G)

o    Auto focus and capability to move the focus (default centre screen) which will move the focus to your subject and will also automatically adjust the white balance and the aperture.  An intuitive mobile camera so you never miss a thing!

o    Easy to navigate and store picture library

o    Email send and receive pictures

o    Text message with picture attachments

iPhone Vs Blackberry

There is no doubt that some of the improvements found in the iPhone 3GS are present to match and compete with some of the latest additions to the Blackberry family but how Apple has held back the launch whilst they stock up on the enhancements and additions has certainly paid off.  The cut and paste functionality has been present in the Blackberry for some time now but as Blackberry are arguable the number one for email handsets this is no surprise.  On the other hand the Blackberry won’t help you hang a shelf in the same way as the iPhone Spirit application will! 

When trying to decide which to go for iPhone or Blackberry we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions?

Does size matter?

iPhones are a standard sized handsets, although over time have become more stream like whereas the Blackberry does give more options regarding size and weights with the Blackberry Bold weighing 135 grams, the Blackberry Storm (Blackberry’s only touch screen exclusively available with Vodafone) weighing 155 grams and the lighter Blackberry 8900 Curve weighing only 109.9 grams.

Usability of a Touch Screen

iPhones are completely touch screen control (other than the voice activation functionality now on the 3GS) whereas Blackberry are key controls unless you want to opt for the Blackberry Storm which is exclusively available on Vodafone.

Online Surfing using your mobile

The wide screen of the iPhone certainly has advantages over the Blackberry for surfing the internet or watching videos.  Also the speed of the connectivity of the 3G technology in both the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS is a standard whereas currently 3G is only available in the Blackberry Storm.  The area you live in and the level of 3G reception will help weigh up how much you will benefit from the 3G Vs 2G.

Choice of tariffs for iPhone Vs Blackberry

O2 still have the exclusive rights to the iPhone in the UK and so you are limited to your choice of network provider.  Therefore it is advisable to consider the coverage in your area before signing up.  The Blackberry on the other hand is available on all of the top mobile networks giving you the ultimate freedom of choice and options when looking for the best deal.

Skinttariffs have gathered the best deals available with our retailers:-

o    Best Deals on the Blackberry

o    Best Deals on the iPhone



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