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YouTube - Watch the SkintTariffs Funny Video

61-year-old librarian removed from 'open' McCain event

61-year-old librarian removed from 'open' McCain eventNews brought to you by Skint Tariffs, providers of cheap broadband deals.

Broadband users have seen an internet video of a 61-year-old librarian being forced to leave a so-called public meeting for presidential candidate John McCain, simply for having a poster that read "McCain=Bush".

It seems equating the present president with the hopeful angered John McCain's security team who then called the police to take her away for trespassing, despite queuing to get into what had been called as a town hall-style meeting which was open to the public at the Denver Centre for the Performing Arts.

The video of Carol Kreck being confronted by the police has received thousands of views online, with comments ranging from the outraged to those supporting the police, suggesting the old lady should not have been there.

In the footage, the police can be heard giving her a choice. The officer said: "You can keep your sign here and receive a ticket for trespassing, or you can remove the sign and stay in line and attend this town hall meeting."

Ms Kreck kept her sign, was escorted away from the centre and was given a ticket for trespassing.

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