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Britain, US lag behind broadband leaders

Britain, US lag behind broadband leadersNews brought to you by Skint Tariffs, providers of cheap broadband deals

Britons enjoy a greater broadband service than their American counterparts, but both countries are still lagging behind leaders in the area, according to a new study.

The UK came 13th out of 30 countries in a study by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation , two places above the US.

While in the head to head competition the UK came out on top, in the broader world, the country was shown to be lagging behind.

The study, which took into account household penetration, download speed and price, found that the UK was far behind Korea, Japan and Finland.

Although the UK scored highly on penetration, with 55 per cent of users having access to broadband services, the composite score was brought down by an average download speed of a slow 2.6 Mbs and a relatively expensive cost per megabit of $1.24.

The top performer was South Korea, which had penetration of 93 per cent.

Japan had the fastest average connection at 63.6 Mbps as well as the cheapest at $0.13 per megabit.

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