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Pay as you go is often used by people not wishing to get tied to a pay monthly contract. In some cases it is a cheaper alternative to a mobile phone contract, for a low user you only pay for the call time used and wouldn't benefit from a monthly talk plan or inclusive texts.

For mobile phones on Pay As You Go you use PrePay top-up calling credits so that you can plan your mobile phone use, however if you make lots of calls this can work out very expensive way of calling.

If you only use your mobile phone every now and then or do not have a UK bank account then we would suggest a Pay As You Go mobile phone.

Here are some of the best cheap Mobile Phone Pay As You Go (PAYG) deals on offer from some of our skinttariffs dealers:

So how do you pay for your paygo calls? Skinttariffs provide excellent deals on Pay As You Go (PAYG) topup credits so that you can topup online or you can buy payasyougo credit from most shops as they offer the facility via the credit card facilities, or via an ATM machine.

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