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Calls are charged from time of connection to the service at the indicated rate plus your phone company access charge. Please contact your phone company for details of these charges. Please obtain bill payer permission before making the call. We work with a number of service providers who provide the best rates and whose details are listed next to the numbers.

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Cheap International Mobile Calls - Instant Cheap Call Topups

Price comparison for cheap international mobile calls - see the cheap international call rates and choose a provider that's right for you.

Select the international destination from the list below and see the cheap international call rates available.

There is no need to worry about the cost of making international telephone calls using your mobile with Skinttariffs cheap international mobile calls.  Buy an international calling credit through and your international calls from your mobile can be as little as 1p per minute.

We have brought together the details and calling rates of some of the best international mobile call providers.  Select the country you wish to call from the list below and you will see the call rates, connections charges (where applicable) and the number that you need to text the word 'SKINT' to the number shown next to the service you require in order to buy an instant international call topup.  The intant topup amount will be either deducted from your credit (PAYG customers) or will appear on your phone bill (contract mobile customers).  You will then receive a confirmation text message containing instructions on how to use the international calling credit, specific to the call provider you have chosen.

How to buy a cheap international mobile topup card?

 Step 1 - Select a COUNTRY from the Drop Down

 Step 2 - Then Text SKINT to the short code number that's best for you

 Step 3 - Receive a text message confirmation and instruction on how to use the cheap international mobile calls service.

Please note: Pay as You Go mobile users will have Credit deducted for the cheap international prepaid calling credit and mobile contract customers will see the charges listed on their bill for this period.

How to use the instant cheap international calls topup calling credit:

You must call the access number before your destination number to benefit from cheap international mobile calls.

When you are out of credit simply send another text message to the numbers shown above for more credit.

You may wish to check your mobile phone service provider to see how much you will get charged when dialing the access number.  Typically they are:
* If using 0845/0207 access number then you will be charged at standard rates, you can check this cost by calling your service provider.
* If using 0800 access number then the call will be free.

To check:

Call Orange on 0800 80 10 80
Call Vodafone on 07836 191 191
Call 02 on 08705 214 000
Call One 2 One or T-Mobile on 08454 121 121
Call Virgin on 0845 6000 789

If you are travelling abroad and would like to prepare cheap calls before you go use our calling from abroad services.


Please ensure that you DO NOT press the send or green call button after entering your destination number as this will route the call via your mobile operator at the mobile operators international call rate!

Program your phone for one touch dialing!

The easiest way to remember to use the Skinttariffs accessnumber before placing a call is to enter the accessnumber and destination number into your phones phonebook. Find out how to program your mobile for one touch dialing.

SkintTariffs believes that all calls should be cheap and that includes your mobile phone calls abroad too. To find out more about these money saving mobile call deals simply select the country from the list above to view the current cheap mobile call rates!!!!

Benefits of using for your cheap international mobile calls:
- No subscription
- No contract
- You look up the call charges before you make the call so you know exactly how much is costs to call your chosen international destination and you can all any country and are not restricted to a call plan.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. My call credit isn't going down, why is this?

A. More than likely you are pressing the send or green call button after entering your destination number, this will charge the call at the network providers high rate and not at the cheap rate offered via your credit. After dialing your destination number, wait a few seconds and your call will be connected automatically.

Q. I haven't received a text message but credit has been taken, what do I do now?

A. This happens to small number of users please fill in the form below and we will send you the details.

Q. I have a problem, can I reply to the text message and ask for help?

A. NO, DO NOT reply to the message as you will be charged another topup! To get help please use the form below.

Q. When will I receive my topup card?

A. You don't receive a card just a text message which includes details on how to use the service. The text message should arrive almost instantly, however in some cases it it may take up to 3 hours.

Q. Can I use an international topup card from a landline, payphone or a different mobile?

A. Yes, details on how to access your topup credit from a different phone is included in the welcome text message. However if you are using a landline or payphone first check our International Calls Abroad using Landline to see if it is a better deal for you.

Q. Are there any other charges?

A. Your credit is accessed by calling an access number please check with your mobile network if there are any additional charges to call the access number. Contact numbers for the popular networks are shown above.

Q. How do I know how much credit I have left?

A. Each time you call the access number to use the service you are told how much credit you have left.

Q. What is the maximum amount of credit I can have at one time?

A. You may have up to £18 worth of credit at any one time, any more and your account will be suspended. If your account is suspended please fill in the form below.

Q. Can I use my existing prestored/speedial/phonebook numbers?

A. You must ensure that your prestored numbers include the accessnumber otherwise you will be charged by your network provider as the standard rate.

Q. Is there a time limit for the credit to be used in?

A. Yes your credit will expire if it is not used after 90 days.

* Important This number may be used by other services. If you have used this number previously with a different keyword you will not be able to claim the free calling credit. 

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