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Cheap International Calls Abroad

Buy Global SIM Cards or an International Phone Cards Here...

Skinttariffs are here to offer you money saving advice when making international calls from outside of the UK.  Whether you wish to call the UK or another overseas destination Skinttariffs has lots of tips and access to cheap International sims, Global SIM cards and country level sim cards so that you can use your mobile phone overseas and avoid expensive roaming charges.  Alternatively if you do not want to take your mobile with you or not sure of the mobile coverage we have the best deals in international phone cards so that you can budget for your calls to the UK or calls to other countries before you go.

Making calls from your mobile when overseas - buy an International SIM card:

Avoid mobile roaming charges for international calling by buying an international SIM card.  See the deals below to buy a SIM card before you travel so that you can budget for your calls and have the flexibility of making calls overseas using your own UK mobile.  This way you do not have to worry about finding a call box when you need to make a telephone call abroad.

You can take your own mobile with you and simply place the SIM card into your mobile phone while you away. On returning simply put your own sim card back into your own phone. Global sim cards have the added bonus that they can be used across many countries and are not tied to one specific country.

Dealer 1:  See international SIM cards and country level SIM cards for your mobile from go-sim - Save money on roaming charges and make cheap calls. 

Dealer 2:  See international SIM cards and country level SIM cards for your mobile from 0044 - Save money on roaming charges and make cheap calls.

Making calls from local landlines and phone boxes when overseas:

Buy an International Phone Card: If you cannot use your mobile abroad then use a local phone or landline including local call boxes.  Buy a phone card for the country you are visiting to call back to the UK or to telephone another country.

You will need an international calling card for the destination country you are travelling to which has minutes stored on it. All you have to do is buy it, take it away with you and use it from a landline abroad or a pay phone abroad, see our skinttariffs phonecards providers below.

Buy an international phone card now: ComFi phone cards provide lowest long distance rates around the globe

IMPORTANT - Information about making calls abroad:-

Unlock Your Mobile:
In order to use an international sim card your mobile must be unlocked.
Unlock your mobile before you travel so that you can use your UK mobile abroad.


Frequently Asked Questions about International SIM cards

Q. Will my mobile phone work outside of the UK?

A. It depends on the type of frequency your mobile phone handset can work at and the frequency that the country your travelling to operates on. In addition you may need to unlock your phone to use abroad. Best to check with your mobile network provider or google it. If you need to unlock your phone see Unlock your mobile phone.

Q. I have heard about Single Band, Dual Band, Tri-band and Quad Band, what are these?

A. For a list of the frequencies used by each country and definition of each band see our Country GSM Frequency List.

Q. Can I receive calls if I buy an international sim card?

A. Yes, you will get a mobile phone number applicable to the international sim card that you put into your mobile.  This number can then be used to call your phone, all packs come with clear instructions. So buy before you travel and let friends, family or work know your contact details (your international mobile telephone number) before you go.

Q. Can I use my existing number if I buy a global SIM card?

A. Sorry you will be provided with a new number, make sure that before you leave you give your new overseas phone number and the destination country code so people that need to get in touch with you, such as your friends and family can call you.  You phone will revert back to your normal mobile number when you putyour normal UK sim card back in your mobile phone when you return to the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions about International Phone Cards

Q. How long will i be able to make a call for?

A. You can make a call until the credit runs out. Often a connection charge will apply per call which will reduce the amount of the calling credit. It also depends on the calling rates in the country at that time. However what is definate is that they are cheaper then calling direct.


So whether it be for Business travel, secondments overseas and foreign deployment, family holidays, weekend away, voluntary overseas service, student gap year,or if you own property abroad, Skinttariffs has a way of keeping you in touch when you travel abroad and helps you save money with cheap calls abroad.


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